Manage Application Security

This service aims to help organizations in reducing cybersecurity risk in their web and mobile based applications. We will identify and manage those risk and help organizations in reducing and protecting their applications security risk.

4 Types of our Application Security Testing

Web Application

Security Testing

Web application security assessment is a way to identify common and uncommon vulnerabilities within an organization web-based application. We will simulate attacks to a web-based application in order to test its security control and its supporting infrastructure (Web apps firewall, etc). Once we find a vulnerability, we will execute exploits in order to perform a “proof of concept”. Our web-based application security assessment follows standards from OWASP, PCI-DSS, etc.

Mobile Application

Security Testing

This service will help the organization with mobile applications in reducing cybersecurity risk. We will help your organization in identifying areas of security risk within your mobile application and make a recommendation on how to close those identified risk.

Source Code


Source Code Review is a service where we will dig deep within your web based application in order to find security gaps within the application coding. Sometimes it is impossible to find uncommon vulnerabilities just by performing regular penetration test. Using a combination computer-generated source code analysis and manual code review, our security auditors reveals vulnerabilities that may not be easy to exploit using black-box testing, such as back-doors or logic bombs as well as systemic issues such as insecure logging practices, gaps in authorisation logic, etc.

Manage Application


This unique service is aim to help the organization in protecting their web and mobile applications from security-related incidents. We can help your organization in accelerating application launching and protecting applications before and after all risk mitigations process have been performed. Our team of appsec evangelists will help your organization in guarding, responding to application security-related incidents in real time and collaborate with the internal the development team in mitigating those risk. This service can be integrated with the existing DevSecOps cycles that have been implemented within an organization.

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