• Slide-1Our IT security consulting services offers advisory services to organization
  • Slide-2Our manage security services provides organization
  • Slide-3Our IT audit service helps organization in identifying
  • Slide-4IT Security assesment or commonly known as penetration test
  • Slide-5We can help your organization in performing forensic
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Cybertech Solusindo is a Professional Services firm specializing in the area of IT Risk, such as Information Security and IT Governance. We provide consulting, outsourcing program and training. The company was established in April 2008 and it was certified by the local Indonesian government by the authorization of Notary Aswendi Kamuli, SH No. Akte 59.

Cybertech Solusindo is capable of protecting your infrastructure along with its IT asset proactively, so that your organization can focus more in your business and gain highly credible integrity from your customer and business partner. With our highly capable and certified consultants, we uses the methodology to deliver our services using ISSAF (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework) and other worldly known standardization (such as: ISO 27001, CoBIT, CIS and PCI) in delivering our services to our clients around the world to ensure of high quality and standard in order to audit and assess the 4 Information security criteria, which are Confidentiality, Integri- ty, Availability and Accountability. We can be your partner in solving your IT Infrastructure risk, whether that risk exist within your net- work or applications and bring that risk into the level that is acceptable. Whether your issues are in the realm of compliance (Local and International), incident analysis or risk management, We will protect your infrastructure and data proactively using our proven method- ology. We believe in becoming the best of partner to our clients by providing a superior quality of services and products in the world of digital technology.

To be the most innovative leader in Information Security Solutions Provider

 • Admired by the market due to our quality of services
 • Leadership in Knowledge and project delivery
 • Innovative in everything we do and deliver
 • Front runner in customer focus and promises

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